December 9, 2010

(No Subject) IV aka The Stalker

Sorry for the lack of updates again. I was sort of swept under with Black Friday and then decided to dart out of town to visit family and, oh my goodness, two different dates! Every now and then I do find someone who reminds me that all the trolls are worth the hassle.

Now this one is yet another real winner. The best I can say is, at least he's another honest one.

"GRRAAAGH, I need to stop stalking your profile...I just keep seeing boobs and being all.. OOH CLICKY."

I have to sigh and once more ask why on earth would you ever in your right mind say this to someone the first time you're contacting them? I mean I wouldn't go up to a cashier in a store that I frequent and say, "I should probably stop coming to this store because I only really come here to see you. Because well the way you ring me out just makes me go, 'Oo, press those buttons, baby!'"

I almost wish that I kept some of these troll's screen names so that I can ask them in a few months from now if they've found a date or gotten laid yet using their tactics. Honestly most of them seem to delete their account after about six months so I'm going to guess that the answer is no.

Oh and just for amusement, the "gentleman" who sent me the first message here, you know, "I know u say be honesty...?" Yeah, he's been messaging me again. Nothing exciting otherwise I would post it, but he was two sentences away from begging me to talk to him it seemed the last time. Haha, some guys never learn.