July 26, 2011

Who Could Ask for Anything More?

So my normal site for these trolls has actually stopped allowing for message titles, or at least doesn't automatically put in (No Subject) any more, so I'll have to start getting witty here with naming these messages. Watch out, it could get dangerous.

In happy news, I'm actually sorta seeing someone currently that I guess could count as meeting off of a dating site. We actually met at my old work and then I stumbled upon his profile. Go figure, right?

But onto what you're actually here for.

"Once you go black you never go back?? Ok, not that originial...How's it going tonight?
So your profile was cool up until I read you liked the Other Boleyn Girl....why?????!"

Right, so you think your race will get you laid and that I'll eventually leave you for someone else of your race. Fail, though you did have some points until you decided to get out of control about my choice of literature/movies. Never ask a girl why she likes a chick flick.

I'm digging through my inbox trying to find stuff actually worthy of reading. Mediocre really just doesn't cut it with me.

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