July 20, 2011

Great One Liners Part Two!

Hey all. Sorry this kinda fell by the wayside. For a while I wasn't getting enough content to update and then was briefly made a manager at work, so life got in the way of life. After Valentine's day a lot of messages slowed down, I had been saving a lot of these one liners for a while now, so tada, some more great content for everyone. Didja miss me? ;)

"love that mouth"

"sex is to you??" 


"Miss do you like cuckolds" 

"preference on penis size?'" 

"i want open cam to you :)" 

"my gf ia 21 and bi want to come to Vegas? :)"

"hi I am a single guy looking for someone to make out with one time I have never done this before I like kissing and have not done it in about two years!" 

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