October 20, 2011

At Least He Tried?

"So I didnt miss read your screenname but im still not sure I understand it, but thats ok, and what has you thinking about fire routines, do you mean you fire juggle or what not?Thats pretty awsome if so, like to see that, I have been to quite a few parties where people were doing that.So look like you said Im going to cut through the the bullshit,I want to find someone to get to know and enjoy time with, I need something soft against my face.I dont mean that I am only looking to fuck because I do want to be able to do more than that with you. Although of course like any man, I do want a pretty woman to lay beside.Im not looking for manogomy either, just a fun chick to hang with.I know alot of good spots to watch good music at around the triangle and in Greensboro as a matter of fact.My name is [censored], I hope you will respond back with your name,but Ill call you Tig until you say otherwise.Tell me more about what you are in search of even if it is going to change by friday."

My standards are not too high. My standards are not too high. My standards are not too high...

I mean, he at least read my profile. That's gotta count for something right? Right?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

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  1. wow..............honest to a fault lol.I know I'm reading this a bit late but I hope life is giving you want you need and want....and I'm also a fire spinner....AKA Spuds from Ravelry