October 18, 2011

Nobody Understands the Words Coming Out of Your Mouth

Forgot that I had this one...

"Damn form, you make me want to move back to NC. I grew up there, just been in Atlanta for awhile now. Might move back after I finish my program in school I would love to meet you one day when I'm in town, so if you would like to be friends and that's cool with you. That's cool. If bait, I did read tour profile and I respect that to. I hate when people contact me from out of state and then have a nerve to want me to fly them out here because I'm the man. LMAO... I would say this situation is different because I'm in Raleigh alot, because my family is therw, and may take a job at the new Boeing facility in Greensboro. Well any way. I think you are a sexy MOTHA[frell], so no matter what happens, know you caught my eye. Be good, stay dark, and by all means, stay keeping it real." 


What? I think I need to find a better translator app for this. Or drink more.

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  1. .....I think drinking more would help. O.o