November 21, 2010

Great One Liners

So after receiving so many one liners sent to me, I've complied the best of them here. Sorry about the late update/lack of anything terribly witty. Holiday hours/customers have started to kick in at work and they tend to leave me feeling rather drained. Anyhoo, enjoy!

"do you have a preference on penis size?"
To which I replied - "Detachable." I couldn't help myself! Heheh. 

"wow you are a new breed of woman. lol"
*insert witty joke about evolution here* 

"you might be just my brand of crazy but Im not sure yet."
Nice of you to let me know that you'll be the judge. 

"would you like to see my big hard cock?"
Why I love wrought iron roosters, how did you know that was a past time of mine? 

"I just want to take u out"
To the ball game? 

"do u like ur ass licked and sucked"
I don't think my poor donkey would like you doing that to him. 

"You look like one hot slice of fuckberry pie"
Does it taste like snozberries?