November 19, 2010

(No Subject) II

Sorry for almost missing a day! I meant to post this one last night, but well I got a little busy scaring wanna be Harry Potters at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). Why was I scaring them? It might had something to do with this.

As well as Slytherin crest t-shirt. Seriously, one group of Harry Potter kids (who had the lightening bolt on the wrong side of their forehead!) turned around and GAWKED at me. I mean full out jaws dropped, wide-eyed and everything. What? I like evil. It's more fashionable than Gucci.

Anyway, you're not here to listen to me ramble on about the midnight premiere, but never fear, the trolls don't ever take a break. Here's a fresh one sent to me just yesterday!

"I saw your pic and seriously have to change my pants and stop drooling!!! ;) no jk but really i thought u werent your age. you look way too hot. sexy! now just to get you to dance with me. jk just saying hey! and hope you had a wild weekend..hehe"

Um. Yeah. Sent to me on a Wednesday, I wouldn't ask about someone's weekend myself between Tuesday and Thursday, unless it was a close friend and I wanted to know what mischief they got up to. But seriously? "have to change my pants and stop drooling?" Again, do these bad lines work on anyone? I don't find drooling attractive personally, not my thing. Though I could introduce him to a few people...

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