November 16, 2010

(No Subject)

Hey everyone! Sorry for a bit of a late update, things got a little hectic last night and I wanted to make sure that I found a good one for you guys. By the by, in case you were wondering, I'm titling these entries as the title of the messages, this way if you want to look one up quickly, you can!

"Hi I'm [deleted] even thou ur a bit far me I just wanted to say I think ur sexy as hell and incredible smart and I don't see why u would be on a site like this anyway figured I'd keep it sort and simple message me back if u want to also I message u btw cause their r few people who r like minded as myself on here"

Ok, you can see how I type. I try to use proper grammar and correct spelling. I'm no saint, but I do my damnedest. You can see how he types. How are we like minded? Here's a tip, if you claim to be smart, take the time to type like it!

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