November 18, 2010

"u r looking great" and Bad Pickup Lines

I was right! The guy from yesterday apparently still is waiting, here's the message he sent me back in July after that first message.


u r looking interesting, let me know if u come online some time, we will get to know each other.


[name removed]"

I guess I must be crazy because if I message someone and they don't reply back, I don't message them AGAIN. Really? Are people out there that desperate? I've had a few of these messages where I don't reply and then I end up with up to four or five messages from them!

Anyway, onto perhaps the worse pickup line I've ever heard. And yes, this was sent to me as a first message.

"you really are tempting. but can you tame my tiger?"

-face palm- That's pretty bad, considering that my name on these dating sites doesn't even have the word "tempting" in it, or anything close to that, but seems to be misread as it all the time. I mean seriously, do lines like this work on ANYONE? That one was pretty awfully, but then there was this one...

"so do u tempt any old circus tiger? Or more like Tony the tiger?"

That's grr-! No, I'm not gonna do it. Putting my foot down. That was down right terrible. Excuse me while I go bang my head into a wall.

Sorry for all the weird update times, by the by. I've been trying out new times to see when the best time is and so I might not be very consistent with time for a little while. But I promise you, I'll keep the updates coming!

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